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Bihar Conference on Disaster


                        2015 emerges as a landmark year for our collective efforts towards disaster risk reduction. The recently held World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) in Sendai has evolved a reference point and direction for disaster risk reduction through the Sendai Framework for Action (SFA). In light of the experiences, insights and inspiration from WCDRR, theGovernment of Bihar (GoB) is organising a conference on DRR in Bihar (BCDRR) to inform the development of a DRR Roadmap for the state. The Department of Disaster Management is co-hosting this conference along with BSDMA, MHA, NIDM, and UNICEF in partnership with Save the Children, Oxfam India and IDF.

                         GoB, having made significant accomplishments for disaster risk management since 2005, is keen on working towards the 7 targets agreed at Sendai, as adapted for Bihar’s context. And to guide actions towards achievement of these targets, the state has decided to develop a 15 year DRR Roadmap.

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Conference Purpose and Objectives



            To develop the DRR Roadmap for Bihar for 2015-2030.


            1. Gain insights from diverse perspectives on the potential milestones and priority action areas for DRR in Bihar till 2030.

            2. Evolve agreement amongst key stakeholders on the strategic direction (2015-2030) for DRR in Bihar.

            3. Obtain a mandate on the potential milestones and priority action areas to be included in the DRR Roadmap

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